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Right Fit ConsultantStep 1: "The Right Fit Interview"


Our Right Fit Consultant will conduct an initial interview with you. The purpose of this interview is to listen to your concerns, collect basic information about your child and determine which service is the ‘right fit’ for your child. Our consultant will schedule an appointment that fits with you and your child’s schedule.




assessmentStep 2: "The Information Analysis"


A comprehensive assessment will help your therapist develop a clear understanding of the challenges your child may be facing. Your therapist will use a combination of parent/caregiver information, standardized evaluations and clinical observations to measure your child’s present skills. Parents are encouraged to bring along previous reports from other health professionals and schools.


Following the assessment, your occupational therapist will develop a                                                 program or recommendations.


treatmentStep 3: "The Skills Building Process"


Should the evaluation indicate that your child will benefit from occupational therapy, your therapist will design an individualized program to develop their targeted skills. Each plan is unique to the child and family. The therapist will collaborate with your family and other members of the treatment team to develop realistic goals. Getting to know your child as an individual is an important part of the skills building process.


Your therapist may also provide a home or school program so that you can participate

                                                actively in the skills building process.



parents as team playersStep 4: "The Knowledge Builder"


Parents and caregivers are critical to the therapeutic process. As part of your child’s intervention, we provide ongoing education. Our goal is to build parents and caregivers knowledge based on the specific needs of your child. Our philosophy is that parents and caregivers are their child’s first and most important teachers. We will provide you with the knowledge, support, and resources you need to take on the role as primary teacher for your child.


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